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  • The "Good" Driver

    A patrol car has been following this vehicle for about 30 minutes now, when they finally decide to pull it over. The officer steps out and walks up to the driver's window.

    "Good afternoon sir"

    "Good afternoon, any problems ?

    "No sir. My partner and I have been following and observing you for a half an hour now. We ascertained that you have not committed one single traffic violation, you have not gone over the speed limit by even 1 mph, you were courteous towards the fellow drivers on the road. Therefore, as a part of our new "solid driving awareness program" I would like to present you with this check for $30,000.00."

    The driver lets out a big sigh of relief:

    "Oh good ! Now I can finally pay to get my driver's license. (Ooops!)"

    Awkward silence, then the wife sitting in the passenger seat goes:

    "Don't listen to him, officer, he always talks nonsense when he has been drinking."

    Grandma who's a little hard of hearing adds from the backseat:

    "Aye aye aye, didn't I tell you not to go in a stolen car?"

    At this time the trunck pops open and a head peeks out:

    "Are we over the border yet?"